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F.R.I.E.N.D.S challenge - Day one - favourite season

My favourite season will always be the first one. Everybody so young and bright. It’s the season where you get to know each character.

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SO FIRST OF ALL I HAVEN’T UNFOLLOWED YOU guys ! haha , which is why you are just reading this . i’m so sorry . i’m deleting , good bye ❤

i’m however retaining my posts and blog in case i want to come back one day . BUT DEFINITELY NOT NOW . i’m too much addicted to my blog and its not helping anything. 

you can find my posts and the old indian-chai style here - http://iktar-a.tumblr.com/ . There is a huge queue on it . for like 30 days . after that you are free to do wat ever u want , like unfollow . But anybody who wants to stay in touch can keep following me . 

and however i’m retaining the membership of my collabs 



you can contact me on them ! 

bye bye . love you all !

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